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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Working the Photos 2-7-12

Working on Photos February 7, 2012

This is a difficult task but it also brings back so many wonderful memories. We have so many photos. It is a good thing that we have a while to get this all together. We are so lucky to have Mooselips (camp name) helping us too.

I worked on music too. Bill Farmer will be singing at Kathryn’s service. He has a beautiful and strong voice. My piano and choir teacher Jan Larson will play the piano. Bruce Corns who plays the bagpipes at the Tacoma Relay for Life will be playing for Kathryn.

We also worked on food some today as well and how the room will be set up.

Finished the Obituary too. It was hard to finish. Completing it was kind of like completing Kathryn’s life. I think that is why I left it unfinished for a while.

That sweet smell has been here to remind me that Kathryn is here with me. I love it when I smell this sweet smell. It brings me comfort like right now.

We also found some writings of Kathryn’s. She made a list of things that make her happy. Over 500 things were listed. No wonder why she was always so happy. When you have over 500 things that bring you happiness how could you not be happy. I know she didn’t even complete the list because there are many other things that made her happy that weren’t on it.

Richard and I took Princess for a walk at Chambers Bay. It is nice to get out and clear your head. We actually ran into one of the nurses from the ICU. This was Kathryn’s nurse on Christmas Day and she was there when Kathryn had her seizer. She was the one we called out to for help.

We feel very blessed to have all of you surrounding us with love and support.


1.) Viewing is the 11th anytime between 1 and 5 at Mountain View Funeral home in
Lakewood, WA
2.) The Service and Celebration of Life is on the 25th at Noon at Emmanuel Lutheran
Church 1315 North Stevens
3.) Don’t wear black – Bright and Vibrant just like Kathryn

What Can You Do
1.) If you know what a Luminaria is please make a beautiful one for Kathryn and mail it to our home prior to the service. We will be using them in the service. Address: 6711 71st St Ct W Lakewood, WA 98499

2.) If you don’t know what a Luminaria is you can bring a vase of flowers for the tables – but make sure it has a bright bow around the vase. Let Carol (Mom) know if you are bringing a vase of flowers so we can keep track of how many.

3.) If you would like to bring food to the Celebration of Life just let Carol (Mom) know that too. We will have main items already provided. So, salads and desserts are needed.

Carol’s email: cab82461@yahoo.com

4.) Bring your stories and smiles. Bring your happiness!

5.) I know some people like to give Money. If you would like to do this you may make a check out to Camp Goodtimes West. Kathryn would be so happy to know that people are donating on her behalf to her favorite place. You can bring donations to the service or mail to the:
American Cancer Society
2120 1st Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109


  1. I love reading about the young woman that Kathryn grew into. My memories of her are mostly of when she was very young...from the 4-year-old ballet class up through about middle school when I stopped attending all the school field trips and being as involved at school because I started working full-time again. I wish I had stayed closer to your family and known her better. What a beautiful person you raised and how proud you should be. She was truly a happy person and I think because of her journey through cancer she appreciated all the little things and didn't take a single moment of her life or person in her life for granted. I am trying to live more purposefully because of what you've shared about Kathryn's life and the struggle you all faced fighting this awful disease. I am going to start a list of the things that make me happy! What a great idea. Kathryn was and continues to be so very special. Yvonne

  2. Carol, Richard, and Scott,

    You are so strong! It is heartwarming to hear about the things you are all working on together to celebrate Kathryn's life. I hope it brings you some measure of comfort and peace. How cool to have found some of Kathryn's writings...happiness, hope, joy...sounds like the young lady everyone's remembering. Thank you so much for the privilege to get to know more about Kathryn and your family through your blogs. You have all changed lives for the better. God Bless you all through this season of transitions.

    With love,
    Williams cousins

  3. Chris Hoffman-FagundesFebruary 8, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    Keep counting the blessings and feeling her spirit...and the prayers of a community hugging you Carol, Richard and Scott.