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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Service 2-25-12

The Service 2-25-12

Wow! This was an amazing day. When I realized that the entire sanctuary was full and the chairs in the entry way were all full I had to think about how we are truly blessed with so many special people in our lives. And when I looked out from the front of the church as I was about to speak I could see that the balcony was full and people were standing around the perimeter of the room. So many wonderful people and I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone. If I didn’t get to talk to you know that I appreciated you being there and would have wanted to hug you.

Everyone got the memo. That was the memo that said not to wear black. Aloha shirts and dresses were perfect. A couple of people even wore their t-shirts from the CAKE team or one they purchased from Kathryn’s senior project. What a great way to honor her. Some of the camp crew wore their name tags. Also a nice touch. You all looked amazing.

The music was so beautiful Jan and Bill. I knew you would do a wonderful job. And the bagpipes were perfect for leading the luminaria walk. Kathryn always loved the luminaria ceremony at the Relay for Life. Bruce Corns did such a perfect job on the bagpipes. Many of us were brought to tears at this point. That was my breaking point.

Thank two speakers Mooselips and Beef spoke so highly of Kathryn. Thank you for your words that helped others get to know Kathryn more deeply. She was a sincere person and so true to herself. Thanks for the photos Mooselips. I will build a large memory box and in it I will store add your photos and video. When I feel I need to se her I will be able to. When I need to hear her voice I will just turn it on and listen. Of course I want to thank both of you for the camp style call outs. Kathryn would have loved this as you well know. Camp was her favorite place on this Earth.

Pastor Shaw your sermon was perfect. I loved how you read the Obituary. You emphasized all the words in all the right places. Speaking of Narnia was so Kathryn. She loved those books/movies. Oh she is here right now looking over my shoulder as I write. I’m so glad that you were able to get a glimps of Camp Goodtimes. This camp has done so much good for so many people. It really gave Kathryn and Richard a life without cancer.

Speaking of the luminarias – They were all so unique and made with such love. Of course we kept them all and are planning on going through all of them tomorrow. Thank you! I thought we were maybe going to have 20 but that number was passed up very quickly. Several people from the American Cancer Society helped with all the luminarias. Thank you for getting them all out there and lit. The ACS family of ours has been so helpful and loving.

The food and flowers were fabulous. Our friends of Joe Seppi’s provided delicious pasta and bread. The church did drinks, two beautiful cakes, a Ceaser salad, Mac and cheese, beef and turkey. Friends and family brought desserts, salads, some chicken wings, fried rice and flowers. We had plenty of food and all of the flowers were wonderful.

Our church people who helped us put this all together did perfect job. They worked so hard to set up and then serve food and finally clean up. It was absolutely perfect. The programs were beautiful Judy. I really loved your extra little touches. Richard’s design on the front of the programs was perfect. The tri fold brochure was so well done. Thank you Keith and Melissa for those beautiful tri-folds that put Kathryn’s writings on paper for us all to share. The photos were great!

So, the forecast for today was rain and snow and just terrible weather. But, as the service started the sun came out and stayed with us through the entire afternoon. Then a beam of light came in and set a glow so beautiful on the Hawaiian flowers in the front of the church. It made for a awesome photo. Kathryn was shining down on us just like she did the day she passed away.

Like I mentioned earlier when the bagpipes played I really lost it. The sound triggered my brain to realize that this was the end. I cried pretty hard for a few moments. Was the end of the service the final end? It felt like it . This was our last tribute to Kathryn – her last day and the bagpipes also signaled that it was over. My hope for her to come running down the isle to me was now something that wasn’t going to be. As I thought about this being the end I thought how it really isn’t the end at all. Her legacy will go on forever.

We also received a wonderful letter from one of her professors at Western. In this letter she shared how amazed she was by Kathryn. She uses Kathryn as an example. She will continue to use Kathryn’s story as an example. This will be one more way to keep the memory of Kathryn alive.

We wanted to thank you all for sharing the day with us. It is perfect in every way. Seeing every one made us feel so loved. Thank you for sharing our sorrow and our joy. Thank you for loving our wonderful little girl.

Remember that the dash is the important part of your life. It is how you lived. The glass should always be half full. The minutes and seconds should not be wasted on anger or sorrow. We should sincerely love one another. Live life like there is not tomorrow. Laugh every day and Love. The greatest word is love.

Good Night.


  1. Everything was perfect! Extended Team Bradley did such a wonderful job. Kathryn's love of life and joyful outlook came shining through in so many ways. I am so grateful for the lessons she taught us and will continue to honor her with a life filled with happiness and joy. My glass will always be half full. I will share my happiness with others. I will remember Panda. Love to Team Bradley as you move forward making new memories to share with Kathryn when you meet again. Nancy

  2. Tears. Admonition heard. It was wonderful to see the videos of Kathryn yesterday. We all have missed her face and voice. Thank you. As a container for life, Carol, you seem to have grown. Volumes of depth has been added to your presence and spirit. You are larger somehow...perhaps adding Kathryn to your own self. This last post is large with sense, enlightenment and purpose. Very powerful. Something is brewing and Kathryn is behind it...filling you with love and renewed strength. Look at how many people are behind you and your family...a landslide of love. Shine Carol. You do it so well.

  3. Laurie (Anderson) WatsonFebruary 27, 2012 at 3:39 AM

    All I can say is WOW! I've been to alot of memorials, but this girl of yours takes the cake. I've never seen this many people at a funeral, except maybe on TV for a famous person. Everything was as perfect as it could be. I loved all the pictures and her art work was amazing. She couldn't have picked a better mommy or family. My heart has a big crack in it for your suffering, I just want to scream for you when I really realize this all is true. Well, I guess that won't help matters. We will get together and run around and get a little crazy so Kathryn knows your having some fun. This will be the starting of a whole new time for YOU. Let's have some Carol Good Times. Your friend, Laurie

  4. Agreed~ the Luminaria is always a very sad time.