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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kathryn's Viewing 2-11-12

Viewing 2-11-12

Today was Kathryn’s viewing. We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t know how many people would show up or how long they would stay. We had around 100 people, which amazed us.

It was difficult walking in the room and seeing Kathryn just laying there. She looked just like she did when she fell asleep in her bed for the last time here at home. The most difficult time was leaving. Walking away knowing that this would be the last time that we would ever see her again. It still seems like a bad dream. It still doesn’t feel real. It was tough to leave.

What I realized today is how deeply my little girl touched the hearts of so many people. She had brought so many good times to people with her joy of life. All of the people attending today know that they will never share that incredible smile or the joyful laugh of Kathryn’s again. They know they will miss her enthusiasm for life and her spunky spirit. She will never walk into a room and light it up again. She helped people turn bad moments into good ones. She brought comfort to so many. She changed the lives of everyone she was around for the better. She really loved influencing others to make changes that would better themselves. She did it so naturally too. For these reasons I saw tears and heart broken people.

I keep telling myself, Kathryn would want me to be happy. Kathryn would stand strong and encourage those around her. She would want me to do the same. She would want me to comfort her friends and stay close to them. She would want me to not feel pain but to remember the good times and feel joy. For Kathryn I would do anything including living my life as I know she would want me to.

Please take time to reflect on everyday things that make you happy. We found another list of things that made Kathryn happy. She had well over 600 things on her lists. She was simple and that is why she was so happy. She didn’t have to have designer clothes or fancy things. She just needed friends and family around her.

Wear a smile everyday. Comfort those around you. Chose words that encourage and never cause anyone pain. Give Hugs out generously. A hug is so much better than a handshake. A hug lets people know you care. A hug feels good to give and receive.

We made it through a tough day because of the support we have received from family, friends and even strangers. Yes, even people we don’t know nor have we ever met left a card. It is something when people in the community reach out to people like us who they don’t even know. Thank you!

Good Night and my God Bless you with good times like Kathryn gave all of us.


1.) Viewing is the 11th anytime between 1 and 5 at Mountain View Funeral home in
Lakewood, WA
2.) The Service and Celebration of Life is on the 25th at Noon at Emmanuel Lutheran
Church 1315 North Stevens
3.) Don’t wear black – Bright and Vibrant just like Kathryn

What Can You Do
1.) If you know what a Luminaria is please make a beautiful one for Kathryn and mail it to our home prior to the service. We will be using them in the service. Address: 6711 71st St Ct W Lakewood, WA 98499

2.) If you don’t know what a Luminaria is you can bring a vase of flowers for the tables – but make sure it has a bright bow around the vase. Let Carol (Mom) know if you are bringing a vase of flowers so we can keep track of how many.

3.) If you would like to bring food to the Celebration of Life just let Carol (Mom) know that too. We will have main items already provided. So, salads and desserts are needed.

Carol’s email: cab82461@yahoo.com

4.) Bring your stories and smiles. Bring your happiness!

5.) I know some people like to give Money. If you would like to do this you may make a check out to Camp Goodtimes West. Kathryn would be so happy to know that people are donating on her behalf to her favorite place. You can bring donations to the service or mail to the:
American Cancer Society
2120 1st Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109

6.) Flowers may also be sent to the church the day before the service if you wish to do so.


  1. Chris Hoffman-FagundesFebruary 12, 2012 at 1:52 AM

    It was a beautiful setting...keep your hearts fixed on what she would want :) You all seemed to live this journey to the fullest. I bet she would want you to make the best of this part of the journey as well...Thanks for sharing her story and as I told you...she was is a testament to where she came from....you guys did a wonderful job helping her to be who she was..so though her body may not be here, her spirit...her passion and YES her smile is still here...through Mom & Dad's face...and life...she was a product of her environment....Jesus hugs surround you...and may you feel her tonight. Leaving is so hard...you just want to stay there...but she goes where you go..until you meet her again. Our hearts are with you all...

  2. Dearest Carol, Scott, and Richard: Reading the news about your precious Kathryn saddened Chuck and me so very deeply. You understand why, when we knew your family such a short time at the Burzynski Clinic, your remarkable daughter’s passing from this earth strikes us to the core with the fear of losing our own baby girl. We have had such hope for ALL of us battling this devastating illness. We saw a rare closeness and love and sense of humor among the four of you as we all practiced prepping IV bags and drawing blood. We looked forward to meeting you every day all working towards the same goal. We have no words to comfort you, but we do know the only thing that would offer us solace would be the certainty that we would see our child again one day. You will all be together again. Now Rowan has an angel in Heaven praying just for her. With Love and Compassion, Rebecca, Chuck, & Rowan

  3. Kathryn and I both made our own "things to be happy about" lists, mostly together, through junior year. Looking back it was a really interesting thing to do. I still have mine in a book, and lots now seem too silly. I remember kathryn making fun of me for how complicated mine got, while I teased her for having half of them being christmas related.
    I thought that yesterday was going to be overwhelmingly sad, but it was nice to see all those important people in her life and watch the slide show. It really made me realize how much fun we had together and how I have so much to be grateful for.

  4. We were sorry that we couldn't make it, but Kathryn and all of you were in our hearts and minds that day. It sounds like it was a beautiful time for everyone. Until we can see you again, big hugs to all.

    Jana and Carl