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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kathryn's Birthday Celebration 2-5-12

Kathryn’s Birthday Celebration 2-5-12

What a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful person’s 21st birthday.

1.) We started by doing some house cleaning as Kathryn and I would always do before a party.

2.) Went on a nice bike ride with all of the kids.

2b.) A friend that we haven't seen for a while came by today with a wonderful idea. She is a pastry chef and is going to get several local bakeries to join in a create special pastries to be sold in their bakeries and places like Star Bucks. Then part of the proceeds form these items will be donated to Camp Goodtimes in honor of Kathryn (Panda). She brought by these amazing panda cookies today. They were delicious!

3.) We decorated with balloons. We really should have done more but I think in our situation Kathryn would understand. Next year we will go all out.

4.) Made bacon and turkey bacon for dinner to go with our pancakes.

5.) We all took turn making pancakes of different shapes in honor of Kathryn. We had a unicorn, cats, pandas, a rainbow, flowers, and other shapes. Kathryn would have loved this. She would have loved watching each person make a pancake or two or three. She would have been in there making them and showing us all up with her creativity yet cheering each and every one of us on. Kathryn loved to have pancakes for dinner. She loved to have pancakes in shapes (like the clouds on the ceiling of her bedroom).

6.) We made Tequila Sunrises in her honor.

7.) We said a little prayer while holding hands in a big circle.

8.) We then sat down in the dining room with the fine china and ate all of those fabulous pancakes. We also had mandarin oranges another favorite of Kathryn’s.

9.) Then we burned our Christmas tree in pieces in the bond fire. Before the fire was lit we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KATHRYN. As we sat around the fire we shared special stories or moments we had with Kathryn. It brought on a few tears but we also laughed and remembered the joy she brought to all to us.

10.) Then in true Bradley tradition we set off a bunch of beautiful fireworks for Kathryn. You know the big, Bright beautiful ones that go way up in the sky. Our neighbors commented on how beautiful they were.

11.) We came in to warm back up and have dessert and continued to share stories. We even watched a short little video of her playing with the Norwall and Unicorn she has. I believe her math teacher at SOTA bought them for her as a pair. This video is from just last year.

It was a wonderful night. Kathryn would have loved each and every moment. I just wish she were really here in person to have shared such a special night with all of us. It was perfect in every way with the only flaw being her absence.
Happy 21st Birthday Kathryn Margaret Kahiwalani Bradley (Panda)

We love you so much!

Remember all of the info for the service was in the last blog.


  1. What a beautiful celebration of your love for Kathryn. Birthdays are meant to be filled with all your favorite things.... I am sure Kathryn enjoyed them all.
    Yesterday as I was out in the beautiful sunshine, I started talking to Kathryn. I looked to the sky and there was a perfect Panda in the clouds. Tears came and when I blinked there were angel wings in its place. I KNEW she was listening to me and a peaceful joy filled my heart.
    I pray for her peaceful joy to fill your hearts too. Nancy

  2. This sounds like an absolutely fantastic celebration of Kathryn's 21st birthday!! Im sure she was smiling ear to ear watching you guys, as a family, do all the things that she loves!! I am also 100% positive that Kathryn's view of the fireworks you lit off for her was absolutely breathtaking!! I am very excited to hear about the baked goods that will be helping to fund camp goodtimes in Kathryn's memory!! That is awesome!! Im impressed by everyone's pancake shaping talents!! I don't think I would be very good at that but I know Kathryn would be cheering me on telling me that she believed in me and that I could do it! Everything lately has been reminding me of Kathryn, and I think that its her telling me that she is still here with me and always will be! I see and feel her in the beauty of flowers and sunsets, the laugh of children, the beautiful sun that has been shining down on us lately, just everything! It brings such a warmth to my heart! She is still here with all of us and she is holding our hands throughout the day making sure that we are okay! It is just like her to believe and have faith in everyone and always be there for support and cheering up!! We are all missing you so much Kathryn!! And we love you with everything we have! Keep looking out for us, i know you will! Thank you Team Bradley for continuing to share with us!! Sending love and strength and prayers as always!! BIG HUGS!! xoxo
    -Alli Laurine

  3. I have no words of condolense to offer. I am so glad that you are able to celebrate her birthday with all of her very most favorite things. She always wore a smile. My deepest sympahties, Leslie and Russell Breedlove

  4. Carol, Scott and Richard:
    I'm Noah G's mom. I only met Kathryn once at the entrance of Relay for Life last spring at Western.
    I could tell what a little firecracker she was just from that one meeting. And funny. She told me she was still deciding whether Noah was good enough for her Anna.
    And of course Noah and Anna have told me so much more about her. I know they and a large group of friends are grieving her loss deeply – and celebrating her life as well. I expect it would make her happy to know that they have been gathering together to comfort each other and remember her.
    Even though I haven't met any of the three of you, I wanted to let you know that you and Kathryn have been in my thoughts and prayers for months. I am so very sorry for your loss.
    (These blog entries you've been writing are beautiful and moving.)
    Becky Young

  5. Happy Birthday Kathryn! We Love you!
    Brandon Chanda & Boys