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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Go Kart Fundraiser 2-12-12

Go Kart Fundraiser 2-12-12

Today we went to Sykart and go kart place in Tukwila. The Alpha Romeo Car Club was putting on a race with 10 teams. It was an annual fun day turned into a fundraiser for our family. Local companies donated t-shirts, trophies, food, drinks, prizes, auction items, cash and a beautiful banner. Some of these people don’t even know our family and yet they gladly gave. Our community, friends, family and strangers have come together to take care of our family. It is a wonderful feeling to have so many people care. Our pain is deep but the love we have been shown helps ease the pain. Knowing that we have been given time to grieve and not have to worry so about financial stuff helps take away some of the stress. We are so appreciative to all of the people who have helped us. Thank you!

Tomorrow will be Kathryn’s cremation. This will be the hardest day yet. As this will be the final day that her body is on this earth. Even though I know her spirit left her body some time ago, it will still be difficult. It makes this all final. Her spirit has been with me. I know this because I continue to smell that sweet smell. I hope I smell it every day of my life. It comforts me.

Take Care and Good Night

1.) The Service and Celebration of Life is on the 25th at Noon at Emmanuel Lutheran
Church 1315 North Stevens
2.) Don’t wear black – Bright and Vibrant just like Kathryn

What Can You Do
1.) If you know what a Luminaria is please make a beautiful one for Kathryn and mail it to our home prior to the service. We will be using them in the service. Address: 6711 71st St Ct W Lakewood, WA 98499

2.) If you don’t know what a Luminaria is you can bring a vase of flowers for the tables – but make sure it has a bright bow around the vase. Let Carol (Mom) know if you are bringing a vase of flowers so we can keep track of how many.

3.) If you would like to bring food to the Celebration of Life just let Carol (Mom) know that too. We will have main items already provided. So, salads and desserts are needed.

Carol’s email: cab82461@yahoo.com

4.) Bring your stories and smiles. Bring your happiness!

5.) I know some people like to give Money. If you would like to do this you may make a check out to Camp Goodtimes West. Kathryn would be so happy to know that people are donating on her behalf to her favorite place. You can bring donations to the service or mail to the:
American Cancer Society
2120 1st Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109

6.) Flowers may also be sent to the church the day before the service if you wish to do so.

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  1. Chris Hoffman-FagundesFebruary 12, 2012 at 10:37 PM

    Oh Carol..heavy sigh....I am sooooo sorry, I know it is going to be hard to let her go..I mean we know what we know...but we also know that is our baby that we held and touched.. Everything good about her you still and will always have...and yes, keep smelling that sweet smell...she goes with you everywhere now..where the body could not...she is beyond cancer free...she is FREE...Hold onto her pillow...her favorite blanket..wrap yourself in her Love tomorrow...I will be praying...crying and praying...all day for you and your family...hugs to you all....May God hug & hold your hearts tonight...and tomorrow...