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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dress Found 2-23-12

Dress found 2-23-12

While I stayed home and finished gather things for the memorial or celebration Scott and Richard went car shopping. We told Richard he could sell Kathryn’s car and his and use the money to buy a decent car for himself. He found a beautiful GTI Volks Wagon 2003. It is in very good condition and drives great. Kathryn would be very happy to know that her car is being used to help Richard get the car that he always wanted.

In the morning I had told Richard that I had a wonderful dream about Kathryn. It was so real and I was hugging her. Her smile was so bright and vivid. I felt so good. He said he has had dreams every night about her. His dreams are all over the place. I think I haven’t had very many because of the sleeping pill I take. It is one that makes your brain calm down and stop thinking so you can go to sleep. I don’t dream much when taking this. I was so happy to have such a wonderful dream that felt so real and so good. I was also glad to hear that Richard is dreaming about Kathryn. They were an amazing pair. They drew strength and love from each other. They would have done anything for each other. Richard’s care and compassion for Kathryn was truly remarkable.

In the afternoon yesterday I went shopping. I found a dress right a way. I bought it in two colors and the one chosen to wear was due to Kathryn’s love of the colors in it. You will understand when you see it.

Today we are setting up at the church. It will be a busy day. We are fortunate to be able to set up early like this.

Take Care


  1. I hope you will post pictures for those of us that will not be able to attend the service.
    I am so happy you were able to find a dress Kathryn would love.
    Great news about Richard's new car, Yes I think Kathryn would be pleased to have helped her brother. Your children shared such a special bond that was evedent to all that saw them together.
    Carol, that special light that Kathryn had was passed on from you. Even as kids I could see your light and your mother has the same light.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow celebrating Kathryn's inspiring life. Take care.

    Kathy Huebner

  2. Dear Carol - I heard from Tammy last night that you have been continuing your blog. I am sorry I did not know that or I would have offered to help and bring food! Thank you so much for continuing to keep in touch. I am so glad to hear that Richard has a new and reliable car for his travels. What wonderful siblings they are. She will stay with him forever. Such wonderful parents you and Scott are. We look forward to the service today. It would have been my mother's birthday. She will love Kathryn. Marge C