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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Walking/Talking, Wanting to go Home

Mom snuggled in bed with Kathryn around 9:30.  They both slept well until 12:30 when the bed needed to be change because the feeding tube exploded.  Kathryn slept great the rest of the night.

This morning she was wide a wake and ready to hop out of bed.  She told Richard that you and Mom know how to do everything and I don’t need a nurse at home, I ‘m ready to go home.  Wednesday is the day we should be heading home now.  Home health and all of that are pretty much arranged.  We will be shown in the hospital how the bi-pap machine works tomorrow.  Most everything will be delivered to the house tomorrow or Wednesday.  I think we will go home by ambulance just because of the snow. 

Kathryn had Holly for her nurse today and she made sure Kathryn got up and to work.  She had Kathryn get up and sit in a regular chair.  Mom did her nails.  Then Pam with PT came and got Kathryn to walk with a walker.  She walked out of the room to the hallway then got in a wheel chair.   From getting into the chair with Holly to getting back in bed a good 3 hours went by.  She took a bit of a rest and then Ernie with Speech therapy came by.  She almost got a strawberry shake.  Strawberry Ice cream instead.  Of course it was just a few little bites but it sure was good.  He said her swallow is right on track.  She isn’t ready to eat or drink but she is on the right path.  She also did some talking today with the talking valve on.  OT came by immediately after and did some great core exercises with her.  We took over the trach care today and Holly (the nurse) taught us how to do the feeding through the feeding tube. 

Tomorrow will be even busier.  We have nurses to meet.  We have the bi-pap machine to learn.  Hopefully we will take over most of the feeding and the administering of the meds.  Scott (Dad) will be meeting people at the house for deliveries.  Richard will be picking up some supplies.  Carol (Mom) will be meeting people at the hospital.  We also have to clear out this room.  We may need to rent a u-haul truck!

The ENT doctor will be by on Tuesday or Wednesday to replace this trach with a new one.  Hopefully a speaking one.  The trachs get replaced once a month.

So, If you are wondering, I think Christmas will fall on Jan 20th or 21st.  The tree is still alive and well.

Time for another couple of sessions of the OC tonight.  Snuggling in bed will be great!

Believe - Believe - Believe  Kathryn will get well with the healing hand of God!  


  1. I am so glad that Kathryn is headed home!! Congrats girl!! Keep on working hard!! I hope you guys are able to have a wonderful christmas once you are all settled in! Glad to hear that the christmas tree is still alive and ready for you guys to celebrate!! Sending you all love, prayers, strength, courage, and hope tonight!! Enjoy the OC (best show ever!) and hopefully you all are able to get tons of rest tonight for your busy day tomorrow!!! Hugs and prayers to all of you!!
    -Alli Laurine

  2. How exciting - wonderful news! God bless you all.

  3. Such exciting news! Thank you God. Get your rest tonight you have lots to look forward to.

  4. Wow! What a journey and progression you have made Miss K! We are so proud of you and your entire family. You all are amazing and wonderful people! Keep up the great work! Hugs and Kisses to you all. We are thinking of you constantly and are so excited for you to get back home and enjoy a Christmas celeration! Love to All, Denise, Sam, Cody & Addie P.S. Did Kathryn find her get well card in her x-mas bag of goodies we brought down? Love Always, The Larsons

  5. I'm so thrilled on Kathryn's progress. I do believe in healing. I've witnessed it so many times before so I know that it happens. Faith is the key. Just keep believeing. God is pure love and He loves Kathryn. The ministrying angles are there to help and I just know all is well. God bless you all richly on this journey. Keep bloging, I'll keep reading and praying. Nyla

  6. Kathryn, Scott, Carol, Richard, All I can say is amazing, & thanks be to God! What a journey so far, and Kathryn has truly overcome every obstacle with amazing strength of spirit, and determination.
    Kathryn, you are an inspiration to me, and I'm sure others agree. Sending prayers daily to all of you. I'm sure being home will be a great help to all of you. Please take care coming home, then snuggle in & relax. Love to you all.
    Susie Meister

  7. W all believe Kathryn is going to get well.With all the loving support from her beautiful family she has to.Everytime I read your blog I am amazed at the strength and courage you all show.You are always in my thoughts and prayers.Need to tie a yellow ribbon on a tree cause as the song goes Shes coming home shes done her time!!(smile!) you all need it.Look forward to more positive reports.....God is good

    1. That last comment was from me,Cousin Donna!

  8. Oh what joy! You are going home! We send you our love and ask God's blessings on you all the way home. How great to be in your own bed and familiar surroundings - it has been way too long. Hope you keep up the blog, Carol, so we can keep up on the joy of knowing Kathryn is doing well. Many hug,kisses and prayers. Bill and Marge C

  9. May the God of hope fill you all with joy and peace. Romans 15:13

    Way to go Kathryn! A most joyous homecoming for you and your family.
    We are witnessing the power of prayer in you, Kathryn, and I thank you for that blessing. Keep up the good fight and the Lord will take care of you.
    The Durhams