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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Under control/anxious 1-14

Everything seems to be under control now.  Her blood work is looking good.  Today her platelets came up a little and that was on their own.  This is only the second time in months.  Sodium is holding strong.  Her headaches have subsided.  She had several days of terrible pain but the last three days have either had minor or no headaches. 
The doctor is really doing a great job of getting everything working for us to get home.  He's the doc that thought about trying the bi-pap machine instead of a ventilator.  It is working great and this will make it so much easier to go home.  Now he is working on getting her meds just right and in a form that we will easily be able to administer at home.  We love him!

Although Kathryn didn’t sleep at all last night she did get up for PT and wheeled herself in the wheel chair and sat in it for a while in the lobby.  We all sat by the fish tank watched the fish cuddle.  We are letting her sleep for a little bit and then we are going to make her exercise.  The goal is to wear her out so she will sleep tonight. 

I have had several people tell me that the anxiety is common when people are in the ICU for a while.  Going home can be scary.   Here they feel safe since there is a nurse or RT just around the corner at all times.  We have tried to assure Kathryn that she will be safe at home.  We will have a nurse at night to watch her and a machine that will help her breath if she needs it.  This anxiety explains why she has had a hard time sleeping the past two nights.  She knows we are close to going home.
We turned her bed so she can look out the window and watch for the snow.

Our tree is still up and doing fine.  Scott bought it 40 days ago and we put it in the house the next day.  It is amazing.  Usually a tree would have been in such bad shape two weeks ago that it would be long gone by now.  It’s now the 14th of January and it is still alive and not even dropping a bunch of needles. 

Early evening Kathryn got her hair washed with real shampoo and water.  One of the nurses had a great method for doing this in bed.  It must have felt so good. 

She has also been practicing talking and did some leg exercises.  Maybe we have burned her out so she will sleep tonight.  


  1. The Fagundes prayers go out to you all :)May the Lord strengthen and hold you all as you walk through the valley...But God is bigger..praying for increasing peace and healing :)

    13 year breast cancer survivor! :)

  2. Dear Carol and Family,I just want you to know how much your daily blogs means to all of us,keeping us up on how Kathryn is doing.I pray daily for her and you all to keep the faith and find the strength to endure this ungodly ordeal.But we all know with God all things are possible.I love you all and can't wait for her to return home.Its amazing that the tree is still doing good!!!God knows what he's doing.Again my thoughts and prays are with you all,love cousin Donna

  3. Your doctor sounds like a wonderful caregiver. There is no place like home - I'm so glad that he is working to help you get there! God bless and encourage all of you, especially Panda.

  4. Fingers crossed that all the good things happening are leading to Kathryn's release from the hospital very soon, and a warm and wonderful celebration around that extraordinary Christmas tree, with milkshakes of every flavor, but especially strawberry! Don't worry about leaving the ICU Kathryn, your caregivers and parents are not leaving anything to chance. They're thinking of everything and you'll do better than ever once you can sleep in your own bed again with Clyde at your side. Have another positive day today. Yvonne