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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Team Bradley

I really am short for words tonight. Kathryn is lying in bed and fading in and out. She will wake usually if her name is said real loud. Responses are hit and miss. That cute little smile she has acquired is shown very little.

Richard started reading Harry Potter. Carol has been reading a book with short stories about unlikely friendships between animals. Dad set her up with the Beetles this morning and gives her kisses.

I got this interesting email today. It was a prayer. I really thought the timing was unusual. Anyhow I did send it off and ask that anyone who gets it to please complete the task.

Time… Time is so precious. I became a teacher because I loved watching people learn form me. But I also knew that this position would allow me time with my own children. I have been fortunate to have a great deal of time with my children. We have done many special things together. Our family has taken many vacations that have been so fun. We have had good quality time together. We have created so many wonderful memories. One thing that was always important to our family was to sit down together at dinner. Each of us would go through our day sharing what we did. This has always been a special deal for us. I loved hearing about Kathryn’s and Richard’s day. I felt we had a special family the way we shared things. We referred to our family as the Bradley team many times. As a team we could accomplish so many things.

Now, as a team we take care of one of our members. We tend to her every need. Carefully we watch her and we do our best to make sure she is comfortable. When she doesn’t respond we have to just do what we think would be the best thing for Kathryn or what we would want done for us if we were her. Kathryn is never left alone. Two of us are usually here with her. Mom sleeps with Kathryn every night. A promise kept, that she would never to be alone. We let all the nurses go so we can do all the care taking.

Continue to pray for the Bradley team as we continue to fight this battle.


  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. What wonderful strength you have all shown to us. Surely Kathryn feels truly blessed to have such a loving family. Her long fight is benefited by the strength and love she is surrounded with each second of the day and night. Peace be with you.
    The Downing Family

  2. Blessed are those of us whose lives are touched by the people who care. God Bless your family, for the trial and triumphs you have had through out your days. You have all been an inspiration to me and I have learned so much from all of you, and for that, I thank you. I will continue to pray for all of you, and know that my Love for you all will never change. I wish only the best for you all and that God will take care of each and every one of you. I Love you all!

  3. Love and prayers for all.

  4. Carol you and your family are never far from my thoughts and prayers. We miss you at CJH, but I know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I pray that you feel God's loving arms wrapped around Team Bradley.

  5. Carol, Kathryn, Scott, and Richard,

    Stay strong and know you are loved by so many! You are doing the right thing and such a beautiful thing. I so admire the bonds your family has formed and the love that will carry you all through. We will continue to pray for a miracle of healing. Know that you are all on our minds throughout our days, and we wish nothing but healing and peace. God is good. Let His love hold you all tightly.
    It is so beautiful to know that Kathryn feels your unconditional love and prayerful presense all around her. With the love and prayers of family and friends, and God, she is truly never alone.
    Miracles of healing to Kathryn.
    Lots of love,
    Williams cousins

  6. Dear Bradley Team - We do continue to pray for your family. Now we pray for comfort and peace for all of you but especially for Kathryn. May God surround you and may you feel his love. We send gentle hugs and love to you all. Marge and Bill C.

  7. The Yamamoto familyJanuary 28, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    Continuing to pray for Team Bradley. Big, tight hug to all.

  8. Bradley Team,
    God is love, the love each of you show every second as you care for Kathryn. He is strength, the strength that each of you show in everything you do. As so many have spoken, you are all in everyones prayers; we stongly believe that you can truly feel the love that is contained in each and every prayer that is sent and that they bring peace and comfort. Our love and Warm hugs to each of you.
    Cindy and Steve

  9. Bradley Family~ What a true gift and blessing to have a family who loves and supports and dedicates their wholeness to one another. The greatest achievement this life offers. We believe families are eternal and that we knew one another in the pre existence. It is not by chance that you were all brought together to share in your earthly experience as a family. You will always be together. Our Savior has made that possible. Kathryn is so aware of your presence, your love, your tender way of caring for her. Your intuitive sense of what her needs are, are a God given gift. We pray that you find refuge in His love and tender mercies. Praying always~ sending love each step of the way. Julyn and Family

  10. Team Bradley is an example for all of us to follow; the caring and the love and the time spent together. You have done it right. Our prayers continue for a healing miracle for Kathryn and for peace and comfort for all of you. Yvonne

  11. Bradleys, I am so lucky to have gotten to know all of you, individually you are all such awesome people, and together I'm amazed by how much of a family you all are. It shows through in so many ways from the artwork on your walls, to the way Carol paints Loop and Pandas room when they go to camp... I don't really know what I believe about God, but I do believe that there is magic in the unconditional overflowing love we have for other people, and that is something you all have in Team Bradley. I think about you every day!
    Love you guys,

  12. My heart is sad and all I can do is wish we were all out playing on the lake again. I love to hear Kathryn laugh and her smile is so infectious. Your family is truly one of a kind and a family that I admire so very much. A family of true love, devotion, fun and full of life. Why something so heartbreaking can happen to such a beautiful family tears my heart apart. My thoughts and prayers are with you EVERY day and I just keeping hoping for encouraging news. Kathryn, you are a love and a fighter! Hang in there baby! We love you & your family so very much. Love, Lisa, Brad and Sierra

  13. Please know that I am always here for you every second of every minute of every day.

    I love you,

  14. Scott, Carol and Richard,
    Thank you so much for inviting us to visit Kathryn and all of you this afternoon. The love and devotion fills every square inch of your home. Kathryn looks so beautiful in her perfect, cozy, but spacious bedroom. She is so blessed to have such an amazing family. It was so good to be there with all of you, of course grandma too, and we also continue to hope and pray for Kathryn's comfort and peace. It is so wonderful to see all the photos on the walls through out the house of Kathryn and Richard together and with the whole family. You all are doing such an incredible job, and I wish we could help take away some of the sadness you feel.
    We love you all! Rick, Darlene , Julia and Matthew

  15. Dearest Team Bradley,

    Thank you for reminding us to hug our loved ones and to hold those we love tightly. I know you are all doing that now, as you always have, and you are showing us the love of Christ in your devoted, unconditional, sacrificial love for Kathryn and each other. What a testimony! Prayers for a miracle of healing, peace, and comfort, continue in many churches and throughout our days, for comfort and peace for all of you. Know that you have all touched more lives than you could possibly imagine.
    God Bless you all!
    With love and strength,
    Williams cousins

  16. Sending so much love and so many prayers your way! Thinking of your amazing family constantly!
    Love, Boots

  17. Thinking of all of you! Much love !