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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sodium Plan B

Sodium Plan B 1/31

A new plan of attack today. We started giving Kathryn only water half sodium and half regular water every hour and a half. Hopefully it will start reducing the sodium. It was even higher today once we finally got the report (175). Yes, this is a dangerous level for seizers. So, now there is another plan on top of this plan. We will receive an IV pump to pump water in over night. Could have waited for morning but would that really be in the best interest of Kathryn? I don’t think so. I had to promise to monitor the pump over night. Well, that’s a no brainer.

We had a water come out of the mouth and nose today. Richard was Johnny on the spot and stopped it. It worked out ok. Grandma was right there to help.

Kathryn had a nice hair wash this morning by Mona. Richard than brushed her hair they way she would like it. A little later he read some more Harry Potter. Mom read some more Unlikely friendship stories.

Alli, Kathryn’s friend who worked on the WWU Relay for Life with her came all the way down from Everett to visit. She brought Kathryn a soft Fluffy pink dog and a very soft hot pink blanket. Lots of soft and pink. Last year Kathryn and Alli planned all of the activities for the relay and they had a different activity every hour all night long.

Two friends from Camp Goodtimes came down to visit too. Watermelon and Putt Putt are their names. They brought Valentine window clings and dinner. Yum! Yum!

Richard was sitting with Kathryn today holding her hand. She would give a squeeze each time he would try to pull away so he just stayed there for a while.

Matt came by and we took some pictures of him and Kathryn with her wearing the beautiful necklace he gave her.

Our IV pump arrived around 7:30 pm and a bunch of other stuff to go with it that we don’t need or want. So I signed the paper work stated I didn’t want half of the stuff. A back pack for Kathryn to carry around her IV pump in. Really! A bunch of heprin flushes and we just gave away 300 of those that the last place sent. I wasn’t on top if it enough to make them take it back. The list is longer than that. If you have insurance or even if you don’t watch out for medical supply places sending way more than you need. Stuff we can’t even use. I will be returning all of the stuff that came tonight but the bags of water to be pumped. Returning the pump too. We have one much better than the one they went. Ours will detect air in the line and the one they sent won’t even do that.

Well I hope this flushing the body with water gets rid of the sodium problem. At least the tummy is a bit better. Not so hard and getting things moving. We even heard sounds with the stethoscope.

Don’t know what the nurse will get here to set up the pump but it is 9:00 pm. Hopefully he or she will be here soon. She was a fabulous person. I think most of the time was spent just in conversation. Finally to be 11:00pm

Love to All


  1. Panda has the best "team" ever! You are all so strong! I'm keeping you all in my prayers! GO TEAM BRADLEY!

  2. Hi Kathryn and Bradley family, Sarah gave me this link coz I had too many questions on what we should be praying for y'all. I am asking the LORD for peace for your family and an overwhelming sense of Who He is and His love for you. I see from the blog that a balance of sodium levels would also help. If there is anything else or if you ever want to talk or pray please e me [happyhalls3@yahoo.com]or call 253 752 7181. I have had cancer myself and so understand health issues and real fears. In His Hands, Teri

  3. I just feel so sad for your family as I went through this a year and a half ago with my sister. God bless you guys _
    The other Scot

  4. The Yamamoto familyFebruary 1, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    Praying that Plan B will get the sodium level under control. Glad to hear the tummy's doing its job.

    Richard, you are a wonderful brother. A friend posted this on Facebook, and I thought of you.

    "Your brother is your first friend in life. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your brother. Even if you don't get together or talk as much as you‘d like, he'll always remain your friend. Your brother will hold your hand for a little while, but will hold your heart for a lifetime."

    Sounds like Kathryn can count on you to hold her hand for more than a little while. Love and hugs for all of you.

  5. Have to echo Ruby's statements - GO TEAM BRADLEY!!!! You are all in my thoughts constantly, and I'm continuing to send prayers and good thoughts and energy your way. It warms my heart to read about all the LOVE that is surrounding you always, and hope it brings some measure of comfort. Give Panda a gentle hug from me, please.
    - Mulligan

  6. Dear Carol,Thank you for taking the time to come out and talk to me today.As you stood by my van one of your teardrops dropped on my hand.I so much felt your pain.You and the rest of your family are the salt of the earth and I actually found myself after leaving you and your mom mad.I said outloud why God? Why? Here is this loving beautiful family and they are hurting so bad.I know I have no right to get mad at God or question his decisions but as a strong christian I am having a hard time understanding WHY?WHY this family?I know I can't do much but I pray for a miracle for Kathryn.And I know it is God's will not mine that will be done.Please know you are all loved and prayed for constantly,Love your cousin,Donna