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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Real Shower 1-15-2012
Last night was a better night of sleep. She took Ambien for sleep and spent the first few hours doing weird things in her sleep. Richard said she was moving (imaginary) things in her bed.  The night before she was having conversations with someone and smiling a big old smile.  Maybe she was talking to an angel or something and the angel was telling her good things (reason for the big smile).  At 2:30am an hour long foot massage seemed to help.
She had gone on the bi-pap machine.  She didn’t like it much.  It would be weird to be breathing on your own all day and then have a machine pump air into your lungs every 5 seconds if you don’t do it yourself.  This machine keeps a steady pump of every 5 seconds or whatever it is set at.
She woke this morning ready to go.  She was trying to get out of bed immediately.  She got off the machine asap and was on her own breathing all day.  She is going without a machine tonight.  The machine will be here and ready to go just in case she needs it.  The doctor and all of us figured that she does fine when she falls asleep during the day so why not try it at night.  This is the place to try it.  When she was on spontaneous (breathing on her own) on the vent she did just fine.  Remember she had those long periods 35-40 seconds of no breathing but would catch up.  The bi-pap machine can’t be set up this way.  It will only deliver breaths that are separated by regular increments.  Tonight will be a big test.  They will be and we will be watching her oxygen and respiratory rate real close.
During speech therapy she had water go down the wrong pipe so that was not so good and really made Kathryn feel bad.  She had too much junk to cough up first.  Hopefully she has coughed up enough today and will get a bunch out in the morning so she can swallow well with the speech therapist.  She really wants to be able to eat or drink something other than water. 
Kathryn’s nurse paged PT several times today and they finally said they were not coming.   So her nurse said that she would get Kathryn out of bed and into the shower herself.  She is so thoughtful.  Occupational therapy came and the nurse didn’t have to do it herself.  She got out of bed and into a shower chair and took a real shower.  This had to feel good.  Sponge baths just aren’t the same as a real shower.
We watched Lady and the Tramp after the shower to get some rest.  A little nap and then back to work.  She worked on her exercises legs and arms.  She needs to be strong if we are going home in a day or two.  Today she ask, “May I go home?”  We have to explain that she is doing well but we need to make sure we have everything all set up at home so she will be safe.  
Watching OC tonight.  Richard is so excited!


  1. Kathryn - We are really rooting for you to get stronger so you can go home soon! We pray that you will feel secure in doing so. We are thankful you have had such good care - doctor, nurse etc. It is helpful that you are so lovable. Marge C.

  2. Amazing progress on all levels. You all are doing an incredible job. Be sure to stop and give each other great big bear hugs. You all are such a strong team together. Family, Doc's, nurses and all the support staff. WOW! Remember God has a 5th quarter. I will share that story with you later. The prayers and love are flowing steady. XXXXXX's Julyn

  3. We are all pulling for you and can't wait to hear that you are in the comfort of your own home; all of you. It sounds as though amazing strides are being made. Dr. Fisher and staff.