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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh Sodium 1/30

High Sodium 1/30

So we just can’t get this sodium game right. Kathryn’s sodium had gone up last week and we stopped giving her the sodium tablet that costs somewhere around $400 a piece. But instead of her sodium going down over the weekend like we all thought it would it went up. So now we are in the same situation as if it were too low. If it is too high it can cause a seizer and we are nearing that number. If we bring it down too quickly this can cause a seizer. Sodium is a very touchy deal. Make sure your sodium is in check! We are changing the water that she gets to regular water. She was only getting .9% sodium water because her sodium was too low now we are doing half and half to hopefully bring it down slowly.

Now something good. I didn’t finish talking about Kathryn’s visit with Matt last night. We told him to just tell her about his day and what he has been doing and he did this. This was while he sat next to her bed and held her hand. We let him lay next to her in bed and they were so cute together. He told her a story. It was great! All about a Panda and a Unicorn. Of course two of Kathryn’s favorites. He said Kathryn usually interjects to help him with the stories so this one wasn’t as good. My heart was breaking as I watched the two of them together and saw how broken hearted Matt was. Kathryn clearly enjoyed her visit with Matt. She was definitely listening to his story. I forgot to say that she reached up to touch the blanket when Matt told her it was so soft.

Her tummy was finally emptied last night too. It felt soft and flat like it should when she went to bed. She slept great!

By morning her tummy was hard again. We are hoping the medicine will do its thing again so her tummy doesn’t hurt. They day went well and Richard read more Harry Potter to her. Then we did the 3:00 food and meds and as Richard was giving her the water it started coming out her nose and mouth. An over flow and she had plenty of room. We cleaned her all up and the 6:00 one went fine but we gave a lot less water. And the 9:00 went fine too.

Robyn (Carol’s friend) came by to and brought some beautiful pink roses. I have never seen Roses so perfect. Auntie Carol and Uncle Hugh came by too. Auntie Carol and Grandma Ann worked together putting away Christmas and Dad got all of the boxes up in the attic. That was a big chore.

Matt came by in the evening and brought us a wonderful dinner made by his mother. It was delicious! Matt got a nice response from Kathryn. She opened her eyes and listened to him. He said something about doing thumb wrestling and she responding by moving her thumb. She must be a little competitive. She was trying to play and win. She was more awake I think this evening because Matt came by again. He’ll just have to be a regular. Scott just said, “He’s good for her.” I agree.

She is all tucked in bed and looks very comfortable.
Good Night and Sleep Tight
God Bless You All


  1. Good Night Dearest Bradley's,
    You sleep well too. Sending prayers, and hugs.

  2. We're thinking about you all.

  3. Glad to hear that Kathryn is still getting someone to tell her stories made up on the spot. Really makes me miss getting to do that, since the best stories I told were always the ones she directed.

  4. Wow! What a lot of love is surrounding Kathryn and the whole Bradley family. I bet Kathryn's Christmas necklace from Matt is beautiful. How special. It is so cool to hear of a family rallying together, and really the whole community. You are all blessed and a blessing ;)
    We pray for a miracle of healing, comfort, and peace.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    Love from your Williams cousins

  5. Team Bradley...nothing short of an amazing family, doing what a loving family can do for their team memeber. You are all in our prayers and you are a constant reminder of the power of love, family, faith, and courage.
    I hope your night was restful and you are all ready for a new day :)
    Bless all of you and your team of supporters :)
    Terri Ross Eley

  6. We are thiinking of all of you. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Leslie Amy Kat Dr. Fisher

  7. I am so glad to hear Kathryn was able to have so many visitors lately. I pray the love shared will strengthen and uplift the whole Bradley family. What an inspirational TEAM you are!

    I can visualize Matt and Kathryn together, holding hands and telling stories. Thank you for sharing that tidbit.....It warms my heart.

    Prayers for healing, peace and love continue daily.
    Faith is courage that has said its prayers.


  8. An encouraging post... lots of power in true love! I was really excited to read this post (aside from the Sodium challenges and tummy issues of course).

    I love to read about the daily events, visitors and Kathryn's actions; eventhough it makes me very sad that this is happening. I think of Kathryn and "Team Bradley" constantly. It is so very special that you take the time to write on here for all of us to keep track of Kathryn.

    We love you so much. In our prayers.........

    Love, Lisa Jo, Brad & Sierra

  9. I continue to send good thoughts and pray for your family every day. I hope that she continues to heal and that the days just get better and better.

    Love, Clover

  10. Hi Panda I just wanted to say I am thinking of you and your family and sending lots of love. You are truely amazing and I hope everyday you feel a little bit stronger. And on the days that are rough please remember just how much we all love you.
    Take care

    from, Cleats (lily)

  11. Hi Bradley family! First off, I love coming to the front page of the blog and seeing that picture of Kathryn with her effervescent, bubbly smile and absolute zest for life. That smile is a gift, and I love hearing that she's sharing it with the people she cares about. Matt sounds like an awesome boyfriend—take it from this Cosmo editor when I say that any guy who will tell a story about a panda and a unicorn in front of his girlfriend's parents is a keeper.

    And on a serious note, know that I'm praying and thinking of all of you all the time. Your family truly embodies the spirit of teamwork, and it's inspiring to read. Panda, please know that everyone you know (and a ton of people you don't!) are pulling for you right now.

    xo, Jiffy

  12. You are such a gutzy (sp) family!! You try everything there is to help Kathryn. I am such fan of all of you!! That dear Matt is a keeper and such wonderful friends to bring her pink goodies. You are blessed through all this and we continue our prayers for all of you. Marge and Bill C