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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New years day

It is New Year’s Day 2012.  Kathryn has been taken way down on all meds so they can see what she can do on her own as far as breathing goes.  Being more aware she realized that her mouth and nose didn’t have any air passing through them.  She was scared at first and kept saying she wasn’t breathing.  We explained how the breathing works with the trach tube and how she won’t feel air going through her mouth and nose right now.  Took a bit to convince her but she is fine with it and understands. She has been test breathing for an hour or two now and doing a great job.  There still is a bit of machine help but very little.  Later they will turn the assist down more and then again until there is none and she is completely on her own.  It would be wonderful if she were completely on her own by later on today.

So, she also thinks she pushed some of her teeth down her throat last night while we were not watching.   Her mouth feels really different after having the breathing tube in it for 6 days.  I think her jaw may be out of alignment a little so it bothers her.  She told us she has an underbite. Then still being upset about her teeth and having a head ache she wanted us to take her to the ER. We explained that we were in the ICU and she calmed down.

Kathryn has statred to type rather then writing to us, typing on the computer is so much better than having her write everything.  Why didn’t we do it before?  She couldn’t but now that the meds have been lowered she can.

Last night we all watched the ball drop in time square and watched the fireworks.  Then Kathryn and I watched Harry Potter until we both fell asleep. 

Amazingly her platelets are above 100,000.  She had a single pack of platelets given yesterday just before surgery because they were down to 19,000.  She has not had over 100,000 for a very long time.  However her sodium dropped a little 128 and this is getting to that dangerous zone.  Not there but not going in the right direction and not in the normal zone.  So the doctor ordered some sodium tablets for today.  He also ordered some antianxiety meds because she was nervous and a bit anxious this morning.  Right now before the extra meds she is calm and relaxed.  I think getting everything figured out (breathing and teeth) has eased her worries.

I will finish today later.


  1. Wishing you and your family a happy 2012! Sometimes a mother's explanation and touch can ease a little anxiety. Keeping you in my thought and prayers. Panda, Pineapple sends her love. It sounds like you're getting fantastic care from your mom nurse, dad, and Richard. Can't wait for another update on your progreaa :)

  2. Kathryn -- You really ARE a Panda!!! We just read where the Panda has an esophagus with a tough lining to protect against bamboo splinters. It's not any tougher than yours! Keep being brave and you'll be home soon.