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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going Home ??? 1-17

What day are we going home?  I don’t know and will not guess again.  There is a good reason for not going home just yet.  That is sodium.  Her sodium dropped to 129 this morning and the doc changed the drugs again.  So now he needs to see if this new order of drugs will get it stable and that takes time.  It is better to try it out here rather than at home.  Maybe we will go home Thursday or Friday.  That darn sodium!

We had an extremely busy day today.  We had nurses come visit for what Richard calls “Nurse Speed Dating”.  Kathryn liked one but not the other.  We need to find two more.  We will be sent some more nurses for Kathryn to meet and interview tomorrow.

The guy came out with the bi-pap machine today and told us that it would not work with the trach.  That was a waste of time.  Then the FDA also has its issues with Kathryn getting a bi-pap machine to take home.  Oh, our government.  You should have seen the paper work the doc would have had to file out and all of his answers had to be yes.  He would have had to say that she would have to use the machine 12 or more hours a day.  That makes no sense.  If you need it 8 to sleep you should have it.  Our government needs to butt out of some things and let the doctors do what is right for the patient.

Kathryn did get up in a chair with her nurse and OT put her back in bed.  Then PT got her up and took her walking.  She walked with the walker about 3 times as far as she did yesterday.  Then she got in the wheel chair and pulled herself along with her feet.  Then we wheeled her up to the 8th floor to see the view of Tacoma.  If the Mountain would have been out it would have been big and beautiful.  She was so exhausted when speech therapy came by that she could hardly open her eyes.  So the speech therapist gave us some things to do later and said he would see her first thing tomorrow.

I’m not sure if we will stay in this room tomorrow for our supposed last night or if we will move for to the main floor.  We were told we were moving today but that changed.  We are happy that it changed.  We like it here and the staff is fabulous. 

Klyde (Kathryn’s cat) came to visit.  Scott (Dad) is so good about things like that.  He brought Klyde in and Kathryn sure enjoyed petting Klyde and just having him by her side.

We never watched the OC last night since Kathryn fell asleep so maybe tonight we’ll watch a couple of shows. 

Kathryn is doing much better and just wants to get home.  She is working hard and doing her part to make things happen.


  1. Sending my love and prayers. Thanks for keeping us all updated.


  2. Things happen for a reason get better. I can bring a salt lick from the barn to help out the sodium. Get Well! Brandon
    PS: GO Richard!

  3. Keep kickin' ass, Kathryn!!


  4. Go Panda go!!! Just hope that every single day is better than the previous one. Big hugs from Mooselandia to all. :)

    - Mooselips

  5. What a bummer! Well, you might not have made it home today with with all the hills in your neighborhood. Or, maybe the ambulance wouldn't have made it back! We will keep praying for a home coming before the week is out. How nice to have your kitty with you, Kathryn. So comforting for both of you. Keep up the good work and we will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Marge C

  6. The Yamamoto familyJanuary 18, 2012 at 11:45 AM

    Hope you'll be coming home later this week. By then the snow will be cleared away in the streets, but the landscape will still be snowy and beautiful, fitting for your Christmas! It's just nature preparing for your homecoming.

  7. Hey everyone!
    I hope Panda can find the nurses she likes the most, it definitely makes it much better with a good crew. Although it must be difficult, as I'm sure every nurse in the great northwest wants to be her nurse! :) That's awesome that she was able to get up to the 8th floor to check out the view! I bet it's quite the view too with all the freshies you guys are geting down there. Good luck with the PT and speech therapy in the next few days! Talk to you guys soon, and you'll all be in my thoughts.

    P.S - "It's hard to beat someone who never gives up"
    -Babe Ruth

    Corey Ashline

  8. I am praying for Kathryn to get to come home real soon.They say God never puts on us anymore than we can handle but Lors knows you all have had more than your share.COME ON GOD LET HER COME HOME!Thinking of you all daily,Love cousin Donna