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Kathryn Bradley was born on 2/5/91 and given a Hawaiian name Kahiwalani meaning "Gift From Heaven" She has been a special gift from the day she was born.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A tracheotomy

A tracheotomy  --
This is what we are looking at now.  Since Kathryn immediately felt as though she couldn’t breath when the tube was removed yesterday they believe there is a problem with her upper airway.  A tracheotomy allows a person to breath by bypassing the upper airway.  They would put a short tube in her throat and there would be a hole in the middle of her throat about where that “u” shape part of the bone is on your neck.  She probably would be able to breath without a machine and this would free her up to do more things.  As it is now the tube goes in her mouth and a long ways down her throat.  This is uncomfortable, ties her to a machine and does not give her the ability to talk.  The tracheotomy would give her the ability to talk and right now communication is very frustrating.  Also being on the breathing tube is so uncomfortable that she is on constant pain and sedation medications.  She is aware and can nod but being totally aware would be much better.

This may be done early in the morning in the room or the next day.  Or it may be done in the OR early next week.  We believe the sooner the better and I think the doc feels the same.  This doesn’t have to be a permanent deal but does allow a chance for them to also evaluate the upper airway to see what is the true issue. 

The MRI also shows some improvement but also some progression.  Unfortunately the progression is in a dangerous area of the brain.  This area is right by the brainstem which controls all of our auto functions such as breathing, swallowing and on and on.  This could be the real issue of the airway.  Man has no way to control this at this point so pray God heals Kathryn by reversing or stopping this tumor progression.

We came in here to get her sodium level up.  Seemed so simple at the time and now we are a week into ICU and looking at 5 or more days.  So, don’t take for granted the ones you love.  


  1. Carol, Scott, Richard and most of all Kathryn, We pray for you everyday, several times a day in most cases. We pray that God will make you better and stronger everyday. We think about you all and Love you with all our hearts.
    Pat and Gin

  2. We have been praying for u panda and for your family. Thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.
    Aaryn , Brendyn Kelly & Family

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

    Love to all of you

    Ginger (camp goodtimes)

  4. Kathryn - Your strength, wit and persistance is an inspiration. Your testimony is growing stronger and will reach far wider by your struggle. Keep the faith young lady - GOD is with you, keeping you.

    Carol - thanks for the reminder to us all - not taking for granted the ones we love - family and friends.

    We all have problems and think ours are the worst and then along comes a dose of perspective.

    We're all walking thru this beside you and interceding in prayer for you, Scott, Richard and especially for Kathryn. She is going to be a poster child for GOODTIMES ! !

  5. Scott, Carol, Richard and Kathryn,
    Know that we pray for each of you every day and want you to know that you are loved. If there is every anything we can do... Love, Julie and Dave Allen

  6. Dear Kathyrn, Carol, Scott and Richard,
    I have been thinking about you and want you to know that i have been saying prayers to God off and on everyday for you. As a mother myself I could not imagine the stress and heartache you are going through right now. I know you do not know me as you do Big Shooter, but i care about your family just the same. Please call Larry if you need anything from us, big or small....prayers will continue to happen and the hope for Kathyrn's health to be better is undeniable.
    love , Angie Capps